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As a Firm with a long history of representing public entities and their employees, we know that governmental entities and their employees, both as an employer and from an operational perspective, have additional considerations than private-sector businesses.  For example, what a private-sector business would consider a routine decision to discipline an employee, could result in a violation of a public-employee's constitutional rights costing the public entity, or the individual employee, enormous sums of money. 


Whether you believe your rights have been violated, or stand accused of violating someone else's rights, our attorneys, with their expertise in constitutional law and federally protected rights, are ready to assist you.


  • Claims brought under 42 USC 1983

  • Deprivation of property rights

  • Deprivation of liberty rights

  • Denial of procedural due process

  • Denial of substantive due process

  • Fourth Amendment violations

  • Brady violations

  • Excessive use of force

  • Wrongful conviction

  • Wrongful arrest

  • False imprisonment/Wrongful Arrest

  • Malicious prosecution


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Matthew J. Gist


Brandon D. Mizner

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Chris Napolitano

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